Building urban spaces of the future

GC "Ostov" - we transform urban spaces with the help of systematic development projects and careful attitude to the architectural heritage.

A reliable construction and investment group with experience in the construction of dozens of residential complexes and redevelopment of territories since 2003.

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System and technology developer

A proven team and company with experience and a strong reputation
We have been systematically working in the real estate market for 20 years and have earned a serious reputation as a reliable developer who delivers projects on time and builds comfortable properties based on unique designs.
Unique innovative solutions with high added value
We form cross-disciplinary teams of professional urbanists from Russia, the Netherlands, and Southeast Asian countries, who create urban spaces using the best global practices and technologies for designing an environment for people to work and live.
An integrated approach that takes into account cultural and architectural heritage
We act as integrators - we design and build modern residential complexes, business infrastructure, parks and recreational facilities, which we harmoniously integrate into the surrounding area, taking into account its heritage and culture